Black Girl Searches for God

I’ve been searching for some decent plays that feature Black women as main characters for a while. A couple weeks ago, I was invited to Ottawa for a conference, and how lucky was I to catch the closing night of ‘direct-her’ Djanet Sears‘ play, Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God. Have you ever watched a play or seen a movie that was so powerful it moved you to tears? Well, I was that person when I watched this play! Unfortunately, I saw it alone so had no one to debrief with – but thankfully, that’s what this blog is for.
What happens when we don’t deal with trauma or painful experiences? If we bury them deep enough, do they go away? Or do they pop up somewhere else in our life in unexpected ways? The main character in Djanet Sears’ play, Rainey Johnson, is a powerful and dryly funny woman, but she’s dealing with some intense trauma and stress after losing her only child due to complications from the flu. I couldn’t help but think about the song All Falls Down by Kanye West (before he became Kanye Kardashian). Side note – Don’t you miss the old Kanye?! He was never afraid to speak up and out about issues affecting Black communities. Now he tends to just incoherently rants half the time; the other half the time, he’s trailing behind Kim Kardashian on their boring show. sigh. Ok, back to the play! I really think that Black playwrights like Djanet Sears deserve so much praise. This play resonated with me so much, because of the way it dissects how the main character dealt with her trauma, which is further complicated by her race and gender. And most importantly, it reminded me of the anchors in my life that keep me grounded. I spoke briefly with Djanet Sears after the play and asked her when it would be coming to Toronto, she said who knows. But in the meantime, I plan to buy the script on Amazon so that I can keep it on my bookshelf and refer to it often. Djanet was also super-friendly and autographed my playbill – I plan to keep it for a while.



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